Good Morning


So it is the morning after my date with MysteriousGuitar. I already got a text from him that said good morning and he looks forward to seeing me again later today. Hmm, usually I am the one that is over-eager but it was kind of nice that for once a guy texted me first without me thinking about him first. Ha. He asked me what kind of beer I like. I’m guessing that meant that he was at the store preparing for the tailgating tonight? Again, very nice of him.

I still am disappointed it is not MarineSkyDiver I am going with, but this guy is cute which brings me to more detail on the date. He went JMU and kept talking about how it is the biggest party school in VA. which yes that is cool and all but you are 28 now. He is a fun party guy and has an adorable smile. He is kind of short. Geez. Ha. I couldn’t really figure out what he thought of me. We just had lite conversation. He got his degree in international politics, but says he doesn’t like to talk about politics. He works in defense now. He plays the guitar mostly everyday and has an acoustic and an electrical guitar. He really likes one band in particular. He is the only child and I asked him about being spoiled. Haha. He just said maybe he was a little but that meant all eyes were on him all the time so he could never screw up. He likes to golf. My dad always used to say if the guy I’m with doesn’t play golf, then I should dump him. Oh I miss my daddy.

I’m not head over heels for this guy but I guess you have to give everyone a chance. He walked me to the garage where I parked my car and gave me a hug goodbye. The goodbye was very awkward. During this date we did not discuss if we wanted to see each other again or anything, and that is actually why it was so bold of me to ask him to the concert. The other first dates I had with the other men, we discussed wanting to see each other again. I’ll update you more after the concert!!


About Finding Serendipitous Love

I'm just a girl on a quest of Finding Serendipitous Love. Sounds funny doesn't it? How can you find something that is supposed to be an accident? Well through online dating of course! This is my story about serendipitous fortunes and hardships that will come with my online dating experiences. Perhaps you will fall in love with these online suitors along with me and relate to the feelings I have along the way. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck on your online dating adventures! I mean we all try it once don't we?
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