So I’m out of town right now so I couldn’t post this until today but I accidentally texted something to LawyEngineer yesterday that I didn’t mean! He said let’s plan something when I get back and I texted him that I’d like to plan something for next week. In any normal conversation that would’ve just been me agreeing I’d like to see him again. These were the texts that followed.


He thought I wanted to plan something for us! Omg I’m not ready to do that! I barely know him and what he would like to do! It’s only our 3rd date! Ugh. Well I’m going to enjoy my vacay and think about this later in the week.

Serendipitous Love

About Finding Serendipitous Love

I'm just a girl on a quest of Finding Serendipitous Love. Sounds funny doesn't it? How can you find something that is supposed to be an accident? Well through online dating of course! This is my story about serendipitous fortunes and hardships that will come with my online dating experiences. Perhaps you will fall in love with these online suitors along with me and relate to the feelings I have along the way. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck on your online dating adventures! I mean we all try it once don't we?
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