Online Dating Updates

So this process has proved to be exhausting and stressful! Just in the past couple of weeks I’ve felt nervous, sad, happy, giddy, sensual, disappointed, awkward, ecstatic, confident, beautiful, adventurous, surprised, weirded out, and thoughtful. I’ve ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of good wine and beer, listened to many songs that will make me think of each one of my suitors, locked my keys in my office, I’ve kissed, made love, and realized some of these suitors are not for me. I’ve been trying to find others online but it seems the same people keep showing up and I am not having luck finding any other potential mates. Here are some updates on the men I have dated.


I am going to continue to date this man until he or I realize we are not meant to be together. Who knows maybe we are, but we’ve only been on 2 dates. He doesn’t have everything on my checklist. Well he is wildly intelligent, he’s cute, he lives a healthy lifestyle, he’s a good kisser, wants a big family and he is Catholic. The thing he doesn’t have is the body type. He doesn’t have the ability to throw me around a little. I have been known to date really skinny guys. I don’t understand this about myself! He also doesn’t run. I think id like a guy I can sign up for races with. Maybe he would be willing to at least wake up early and cheer me on! So far if that is the only thing on my checklist he doesn’t have, he is still good in my book.


We’ve texted some but that is the extent. He is so mysterious and I can’t figure him out. I’ve realized if he really wanted to be with me he would’ve called and tried to get together. He wouldn’t be so vague all the time. I have not contacted him 5 days. This one will not turn into anything more than a wonderful overnight date. His song is Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.


I have not been out with him again. He did text me on Saturday because it was the first UF football game of the season. He just asked me what bar I was going to watch the game. I was out of town but I told him I would’ve liked to meet up at the same bar. I didn’t hear back from him. I never found out what kind of car he drives. Bummer but I don’t think this will turn into a relationship since we don’t talk at all.


You know how this panned out. We never had a first date. When he called me on Friday he was probably planning to set something up for this upcoming week. Well, I messed that one up by the way I answered the phone! This one will not be the man I end up with either.


I have been in contact with him a little bit. I feel obligated to see him again since I have a pair of his shorts and a shirt. Otherwise I don’t think I would answer his texts. This past weekend I went to a music festival where his favorite band Pearl Jam was playing so we talked about that for a little bit over GChat. I have a feeling he will try to get together with me sometime this week. I know he is not the one for me. I can’t deal with his squirrelly kisses and sporadicness. I never got to hear him play his guitar. I will always think of him when I hear Pearl Jam.


His song is Take a Little Ride by Jason Aldean. He is the suitor that helped me realize I could date again after ScubaDiver. I am able to feel beautiful and I can find someone to make me smile. I am able to let myself be vulnerable and it is okay to say what is on my mind. I will find that one that appreciates me for me. He was my first crush and my first ping of rejection.


I will forever believe that each person you come across is for a reason. If for many years or only a couple of weeks, the serendipity that life brings is meant to happen in some way.

Serendipitous Love

About Finding Serendipitous Love

I'm just a girl on a quest of Finding Serendipitous Love. Sounds funny doesn't it? How can you find something that is supposed to be an accident? Well through online dating of course! This is my story about serendipitous fortunes and hardships that will come with my online dating experiences. Perhaps you will fall in love with these online suitors along with me and relate to the feelings I have along the way. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck on your online dating adventures! I mean we all try it once don't we?
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