Indie Music


I did my homework this week and listened to and learned more about the bands LawyEngineer sent me. Im excited to discuss the music and lyrics with him tomorrow. My ultimate favorite is Griffin House.

The Head and the Heart – so sad, about leaving, missing someone, lonely

Charlie Mars – more musical

Griffin House

  • He is a single act that plays the guitar. His music includes a piano or keyboard which I think makes him my favorite. He kind of reminds me of a country singer just more indie like, if that makes sense. Ha.
  • The Guy That Says Goodbye to You is out of His Mind – love this one
  • Better Than Love
  • Just a Dream
  • When the Time’s Right – love this one
  • Live to Be Free – love this one

Blind Pilot

Serendipitous Love

About Finding Serendipitous Love

I'm just a girl on a quest of Finding Serendipitous Love. Sounds funny doesn't it? How can you find something that is supposed to be an accident? Well through online dating of course! This is my story about serendipitous fortunes and hardships that will come with my online dating experiences. Perhaps you will fall in love with these online suitors along with me and relate to the feelings I have along the way. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck on your online dating adventures! I mean we all try it once don't we?
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