Infamous Third Date


I read in an article about online dating that most people can tell if they really like someone by the third date. To me this pits a lot of pressure on third dates! MrFourthofJuly actually put in his profile that if by the third date you aren’t excited to see each other then it probably is not working. I wasn’t really sure how he could infer that until I read the article online.

So I just got home from my third date with LawyEngineer. I did feel nervous before the date and kept thinking about how it was the third one. I hadn’t seen him in a week and we don’t talk on the phone. Just text and GChat.

Parking Garage

I leave work after getting ready in the bathroom of course and the traffic is terrible. When I get to his place (only 2 hours before the meeting time he told me to meet him at his place! No plans) there wasn’t any street parking anywhere. I looked for about 15 minutes and finally called him. There was a parking garage connected to his building so he told me to try that. There was a sign that said the lot was full. I waited for him to come to my car so we could figure out parking together. I ended up parking in a parking spot near his car that he said no one has reserved. Okay now I was ready for a drink!

The reason I explained the parking story was actually because of how I was able to park in the garage. LawyEngineer said

Just go around the sign. I can sweet talk the parking attendant.

The attendant actually started moving the sign for me and he waved to LawyEngineer. I think he may have talked to the guy before he came to my car! Omg did he pay him? Does he know him? If anything maybe he was just really nice to him and they are friendly with each other since he lives there and sees him often? Just weird. But interesting. And I may be just reading too much into it, ha.

First Impression, Again

So when I first started talking to him again I felt at ease. Like I said, it had been a week and I was still not sure how things are going to go between us. I do like him. As the night went on, I started picturing myself in his life. Hmmm I’m thinking maybe that’s a good sign.

We started walking to the place he suggested and he actually said that we should get in a cab. I told him I didn’t mind walking but he really thought it’d be better if we took a cab. So I went along with it but we actually never getting in one. I mean we did walk for a while but probably not even a mile! I think I got a taste again of what it’s like to be with someone with money. He was going to take a cab only a mile! Now that I think of it, maybe he had reservations for dinner and we needed to get there faster? We were already running late from my parking fiasco.


We got to the place and the hostess asked if we had reservations. LawyEngineer said no and as a result there were only seats outside or at the bar. We ended up going to a different place, a bistro. He said

That was my bad for not making reservations, I didn’t think places around here took reservations

when we got to the bistro, they also asked us if we had reservations! This is when I started to think he really did have reservations at the other place but we missed them. And it was technically my fault. I mean I could be way over thinking this, but maybe he didn’t want me to feel bad for something I couldn’t control and took the blame himself. Well, if that’s the case, that was very nice of him. Knowing him for only the short time I have, it seems like he’d do something like that. He really does think about what I want and tries to make sure I’m comfortable when he can.

The food was really good! And so was the conversation. I noticed that he likes to ask questions and I do most of the talking which I find interesting because I never really considered myself a talker. I don’t know, I feel with him, I’m able to ramble on about something and he likes it. There was even one point during the night we talked about when I had to get an MRI once. I took home the disc and studied it myself and tried looking up the terms and healthy versions online before the doctor even told me what was wrong. I can’t believe he let me talk about that! Haha. On the flip side, when I ask him a question he gives me just the facts. No embellishments and stays on topic. I’ve noticed I have the tendency to switch from one thought to another. Oh geez.


We went to a bar afterwards because at dinner I mentioned I don’t go out much anymore and I’m due for a girls night out with dancing. He said there was even a dance floor there if that is what I fancied when we got there. Ha. We ordered drinks and I paid. I told him I wanted to get our drinks since he has been doing nice things for lately. He didn’t argue or insist on paying or say…are you sure?… like many guys do. I liked that about him. He knew I was trying to do something nice for him and just accepted it.

He actually expressed to me that he and 3 other people are trying to find a place to open a bar. I was shocked. I kept thinking of the Real Houswives, Desperate Houswives, and all those other TV shows where the woman helps her man open a bar. Am I really on a date with a man that is an engineer, a lawyer, and soon be bar owner? Wow. I got excited actually that if this works out I could potentially help! How fun would it be to help design a bar! On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think how busy he must be. He wants to have a large family, but is going to be able to be around for them?

Late night

We went back to his place and immediately started listening to music. I wanted to talk about the bands he sent me and let him know I studied and have an opinion! Then, I was glad I planned my wardrobe so nicely. 😉

Serendipitous Love

About Finding Serendipitous Love

I'm just a girl on a quest of Finding Serendipitous Love. Sounds funny doesn't it? How can you find something that is supposed to be an accident? Well through online dating of course! This is my story about serendipitous fortunes and hardships that will come with my online dating experiences. Perhaps you will fall in love with these online suitors along with me and relate to the feelings I have along the way. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck on your online dating adventures! I mean we all try it once don't we?
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