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Halloween Date

IrishPolitician IrishPolitician texted me tonight! I didn’t think he actually would! Well, don’t guys have a 3-day rule? It was Saturday when we met and now it is Tuesday. Three days. I guess that works! I’m so used to be courted online … Continue reading

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I Was Tired

SGPres So SGPres responded! Wasn’t sure if he was going to or not because I figured it was just a lonely time from the hurricane! Haha. I am single and have been since the beginning of June. I have pictures … Continue reading

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Sandy, Why ey ey ey why

It is raining here because of Hurricane Sandy and we have off work today and tomorrow! I’m sure that people are being bored at home and thinking they wish they had someone to be bored with! I know I wished … Continue reading

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Sandy is Coming!

GatorCountry Today is the day before a big storm is supposed to roll in. I am nervous and I really don’t want to be alone. We are expected to have high winds, prepare for our power to go out, and … Continue reading

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What is it With Notre Dame?

IrishPolitician The Gators had a rough game against Georgia yesterday and I was really bummed. So bummed that I didn’t even dress up for Halloween that night when I went out with my friends! At the bar I usually go … Continue reading

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Am I Overly Independent?

Is is possible to be overly independent? I realized after going to the concert last night that I am actually fine by myself. I mean, yes, it would be so very nice to share my life with someone, but I … Continue reading

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GatorCountry So I have actually been talking to GatorCountry over text a lot lately. I think it’s because I have been so bummed about GymGuy and WeatherMan keeps texting/Facebook messaging and I am not responding which makes me feel guilty so I am … Continue reading

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