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It’s About Time

AboutTime I’d like to introduce to another potential suitor. Interesting on how I was on a dry spell from dating people online and the next 3 in a row are online. Well except for SalesMan. Back in September a guy … Continue reading

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Too Forward

SalesMan So I went out with SalesMan last night! It was really fun and I’m going to try to go to the Holiday party with him on Sunday depending on what time I get back from New York. It was … Continue reading

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iDon’t know

iMusician So I’d like to introduce you to another online suitor. I’m going to call him iMusician because that totally fits him. He plays the guitar, is a marine (his job is to play in the band for the Marines), … Continue reading

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Courtesy Calls or More?

So as you know from my last post I bought a new truck! It’s small but not the smallest since it has the double cab. When I went to the dealer I really didn’t think I was going to come … Continue reading

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Somethin Bout A Truck

SportsJunkie He texted me yesterday at about 4pm and I was surprised. The text let me know that he did pay attention to the act that I had the day off. But at the same time, why did he text … Continue reading

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Jingle All the Way

ToughMudder Omg! Guess who I saw at the Jingle All the Way 8k this morning! Of course judging by the heading you know it was ToughMudder. I didn’t say hi to him or anything. I didn’t want to make eye … Continue reading

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Beautiful and Sweet

SportsJunkie I’m tired of men telling me I’m beautiful and sweet BUT… When will someone appreciate my ‘sweetness?’ That seems like someone describing me as ‘nice’ and nice is a con (vs a pro, you may not all get that … Continue reading

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