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UF alum and he is a little younger than me. We hung out and had a few good times, but he was just not for me.

No More GatorCountry

GatorCountry So tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 27 on the 27th. I still haven’t seen GatorCountry and there was time we attempted to see each other before Thanksgiving. I wanted him to take the reins and actually come up … Continue reading

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Let’s start the updates with newest to oldest. It’s only Wednesday so I can only imagine what will start happening tomorrow when these suitors ask me what I am doing over the weekend. SportsJunkie I texted him yesterday about 4pm so I … Continue reading

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Sandy is Coming!

GatorCountry Today is the day before a big storm is supposed to roll in. I am nervous and I really don’t want to be alone. We are expected to have high winds, prepare for our power to go out, and … Continue reading

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Am I Overly Independent?

Is is possible to be overly independent? I realized after going to the concert last night that I am actually fine by myself. I mean, yes, it would be so very nice to share my life with someone, but I … Continue reading

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GatorCountry So I have actually been talking to GatorCountry over text a lot lately. I think it’s because I have been so bummed about GymGuy and WeatherMan keeps texting/Facebook messaging and I am not responding which makes me feel guilty so I am … Continue reading

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Sorry, Here’s Updates…

So I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize. I’m seriously tired of men. I’m tired of the rollercoaster. The ups and downs. The feeling of rejection. The lust and wonder of the first couple of dates with compliments and butterflies … Continue reading

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Eggs In One Basket

So I don’t want to put all my eggs in the GymGuy basket because we all know how I fall too hard too fast and get my heart broken. Thank you MrFourthofJuly. I think I just get so excited and set … Continue reading

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