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Marine. He sought me out at my old gym. I fell hard for him only after a week and his persona still haunts me.

Take 2 First Date

I did it. I got through my first online date yesterday since I rejoined. I guess it only took a week this time, and I knew what to expect. I’m a pro at this now right? I’d like to think … Continue reading

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What Did I Ever Do?

GymGuy Seriously, what did I ever do to him that makes him want to cut me out of his life completely? I haven’t thought about him in a while as obviously I’ve been with other people and having a good … Continue reading

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What is it With Notre Dame?

IrishPolitician The Gators had a rough game against Georgia yesterday and I was really bummed. So bummed that I didn’t even dress up for Halloween that night when I went out with my friends! At the bar I usually go … Continue reading

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GatorCountry So I have actually been talking to GatorCountry over text a lot lately. I think it’s because I have been so bummed about GymGuy and WeatherMan keeps texting/Facebook messaging and I am not responding which makes me feel guilty so I am … Continue reading

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Just Friends

GymGuy So he texted me tonight and I was doing fine with us not talking to each other. All he said was… He didn’t respond after that. I guess this means we are friends? Gah. Why would he feel the … Continue reading

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The Gym is Supposed to Be My Safe Haven

GymGuy I went to the gym tonight as usual and was going about my merry way. I did awesome. MatchMaker was surprised at how fast I was running and I was a beast in the gym. Running and working out … Continue reading

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Profile Feedback

GymGuy So I can’t stop thinking about our conversation. We ended it pretty cordially but I went to the gym after our conversation and did a lot of thinking and talking with my gym buddy that actually convinced me to … Continue reading

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