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Marine and UF alum. He was my go to man. Very good looking but we didn’t take it beyond that. He has since moved back to Florida.

What Was I Thinking??

MarineGator He texted me Monday night out of the blue. I told him Merry Christmas on the day and he didn’t respond. Now I heard from him again. All I could think was, this could be bad news. Don’t do it. … Continue reading

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No Responses

It’s the first week in December. It’s getting colder. The days feel shorter than ever. My online dating profile expires 3 weeks from now. I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I started online dating and I haven’t found … Continue reading

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MarineGator So I thought our conversation ended after I said I wasn’t going to Green Turtle. I guess not! I was happy to flirt a little, but these texts are just plain hilarious! And I’m not really sure if he … Continue reading

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MarineGator Okay, so over thanksgiving I texted him because the Gators were playing FSU. Our biggest rival. Naturally I thought of him (remember I used to think of GatorCountry when the games were on? Well not anymore!! Ha). That was … Continue reading

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Redheads Are Crazy

MarineGator Whelp, I gone and done it again. This time I didn’t care as much. I was just frustrated. Tipped over the edge. Done. Tired. Hate boys. Hate Marines. They are all the same. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from … Continue reading

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Let’s start the updates with newest to oldest. It’s only Wednesday so I can only imagine what will start happening tomorrow when these suitors ask me what I am doing over the weekend. SportsJunkie I texted him yesterday about 4pm so I … Continue reading

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Eventful Night…

…to say the least! I’ve never felt this way before. Like a guy. Something has changed in me and I don’t like it. I feel as if maybe I’m just a regular girl now just trying to find my way … Continue reading

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