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Ran for SG president in undergrad. We are still friends but it will not go beyond that. He is not for me.

Florida Tainted My Sports Experiences

SGPres Tonight I went to the basketball game with SGPres and the most anticipation I got was from the fact I was going to a game where my alma mater was playing! When we got to the game and it … Continue reading

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Let’s start the updates with newest to oldest. It’s only Wednesday so I can only imagine what will start happening tomorrow when these suitors ask me what I am doing over the weekend. SportsJunkie I texted him yesterday about 4pm so I … Continue reading

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Eventful Night…

…to say the least! I’ve never felt this way before. Like a guy. Something has changed in me and I don’t like it. I feel as if maybe I’m just a regular girl now just trying to find my way … Continue reading

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SGPres Hmm so I never responded to SGPres’s Facebook message. I think I was too wrapped up in getting caught up at work from being gone for 2 days at because of Sandy and the fact I had a date with … Continue reading

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I Was Tired

SGPres So SGPres responded! Wasn’t sure if he was going to or not because I figured it was just a lonely time from the hurricane! Haha. I am single and have been since the beginning of June. I have pictures … Continue reading

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Sandy, Why ey ey ey why

It is raining here because of Hurricane Sandy and we have off work today and tomorrow! I’m sure that people are being bored at home and thinking they wish they had someone to be bored with! I know I wished … Continue reading

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