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Jingle All the Way

ToughMudder Omg! Guess who I saw at the Jingle All the Way 8k this morning! Of course judging by the heading you know it was ToughMudder. I didn’t say hi to him or anything. I didn’t want to make eye … Continue reading

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ToughMudder He texted me last night and I couldn’t believe it! Did you make it home okay last night? Ha, why couldn’t he have texted that to me the night of the date? Why did he have to wait 24 … Continue reading

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Eggs In One Basket

So I don’t want to put all my eggs in the GymGuy basket because we all know how I fall too hard too fast and get my heart broken. Thank you MrFourthofJuly. I think I just get so excited and set … Continue reading

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ToughMudder On ToughMudder’s online profile there is a line that reads I give back as much as I can because really everything I have and am is because others helped me. This line has always intrigued me since I first … Continue reading

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Finally Talked on the Phone

I am going to provide some updates in the order they happened. Sorry I have not been able to keep up with posting things right when they happen because they all happen at the same time! ToughMudder Last night at … Continue reading

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This Guy!

ToughMudder Wow, this guy! That is all I can say! I did NOT expect him to contact me back after my last email. I thought for sure he was going to check out fast after that! I mean he has … Continue reading

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Last Straw

ToughMudder Guess who called me tonight while I was doing Game Night? None other than ToughMudder! I didn’t answer since I was in the middle of a game with IndianSunrise and I was surprised to see his name on my … Continue reading

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