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Met through a friend in DC. I still see him around but he was not for me. They all said I broke his heart and he didn’t understand it. I couldn’t explain it.


Let’s start the updates with newest to oldest. It’s only Wednesday so I can only imagine what will start happening tomorrow when these suitors ask me what I am doing over the weekend. SportsJunkie I texted him yesterday about 4pm so I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know How to Man Up

WeatherMan So it is officially over between us. I wish I could say I had the guts to tell him and man up and have a conversation with him about us, but I can’t. He sent me this text. My … Continue reading

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Sorry, Here’s Updates…

So I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize. I’m seriously tired of men. I’m tired of the rollercoaster. The ups and downs. The feeling of rejection. The lust and wonder of the first couple of dates with compliments and butterflies … Continue reading

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ToughMudder He texted me last night and I couldn’t believe it! Did you make it home okay last night? Ha, why couldn’t he have texted that to me the night of the date? Why did he have to wait 24 … Continue reading

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Eggs In One Basket

So I don’t want to put all my eggs in the GymGuy basket because we all know how I fall too hard too fast and get my heart broken. Thank you MrFourthofJuly. I think I just get so excited and set … Continue reading

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Friend of A Friend

WeatherMan As many dates as I have been on in the past three months, there is one person that has been in the back of my mind. And he is not someone that I met online! I will call him WeatherMan … Continue reading

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