Take 2 First Date

I did it. I got through my first online date yesterday since I rejoined. I guess it only took a week this time, and I knew what to expect. I’m a pro at this now right? I’d like to think I am just taking a different approach. Not taking things too seriously and really seeing how things go. I need to stop feeling like I fall in love with every man I meet.


I think by now you are tired of me dating marines. I sometimes wonder if they know each other and play me against one another. I actually have a funny theory about this notion I will discuss later in this post. So I went to church yesterday and ran some errands. I knew I’d be meeting up with LSUMarine at 3pm in the town I just moved away from ironically enough. I was texting the entire time with someone I will call RogueSunday since I sent him a ‘wink’ in the morning and he sent me the following email:

Hey There…

How are you this gloomy Sunday morning? Apparently well enough to go throwing out some winks so I guess it can’t be too bad of a day…

Texas huh? That’s pretty stellar. Definitely can have some conversations there. I spent many summers in the Lone Star State when I was younger living and traveling with my Aunt. What part are you from? And what are you doing now in VA? Got to be a good story there…

I don’t get on here much so and for lack of a better word, am not exactly bashful especially since you kind of approached me first. Plus, your profile seems genuine and your photos are pretty stunning. So I’ll gamble a little…


Send me a text if you feel like chatting. It’s an obligation free Sunday for me so…hopefully I hear from you.

Oh…I’m RogueSunday by the way. It’s nice to meet you…

Hopefully hear from you soon…

I sent this back to him shortly there after:

Hahaha. Hi RogueSunday! I like the subject of your email. You certainly don’t waste any time! Ha. I’ll let you make the first move this time šŸ™‚ ***.***.****. I’m actually on my way into church. I don’t go every Sunday but something was pulling me here today! Haha.

My name is SerendipitousLove. Fits for an old-fashioned girl like me. Happy Sunday!

I saw he viewed my profile and he was very good-looking! And not to mention a Marine and he used to work in higher education. Hmmm. I had to wink! Then when I was running errands I texted him and we started having a charming conversation. He suddenly stopped texting me, but I didn’t worry about it since I was on my way out to meet someone else! What was I thinking?!?


Now on to the date… We ended up going to Panera to keep it simple. I was 15 minutes late, ugh, and when he saw me gave me a hug. Okay, so he’s done this before. I got some coffee and so did he and we sat down and chatted. I didn’t say much to be honest. I kind of just stared at him. Wondering if this is someone I could see myself. He’s so young! He has so much ahead of him. Wants to get his MBA later on in California, is moving to NC in a month, and just received orders as to where he will be after NC. He doesn’t know exactly where that will be yet. He couldn’t be a pilot in the Air Force because he was color blind. Something he said that stuck with me was

If I can’t be the best in the air, I’ll be the best on the ground.

Hmm. I like that. Typical Marine though. I couldn’t help but think of GymGuy the entire time. He had the same exact mannerisms and was ambitious (and kind of cocky!)Ā like him, just 5 years younger. Ugh, it really sucks that GymGuy still haunts me. Anyways, back to reality. I really thought he was so cute.

We talked about the Paleo lifestyle since that is my new thing. He is an only child and loves and takes care of his mom dearly. Was cute how much he loves her. He couldn’t understand my big family, ha. We ended up going to get dinner at a different restaurant up the road and we chatted some more. I tried asking him where he wants to be in 5 years. Still talking about himself. I also tried mentioning to him the Groupon that match.com decided to do twice, and how I paid full price and hope no one is on there ‘just to try it out’ since I am on it for serious. No response. I also made a comment on how I couldn’t wait to be a mom. Nothing again.

So either he is not very expressive (very hot body and cute as a button) or he really is not looking for a lifelong partner. Well, I mean, I know he will only be here for another month so why would I think he wants to date me long-term? One more thing we talked about. Top Golf. He loves to golf and has never been.

He asked me if i minded if we split the check. Well, what was I supposed to say. Oh such a youngin. We hugged goodbye and he said he will talk to me soon. I didn’t text him. I waited for him to do that. He said he enjoyed his time hanging out and I texted him the TopGolf info. We shall see if I meet up with this one again. He will be in the field all this week doing training on base. This leads me back to RogueSunday.

RogueSunday, LSUMarine, GymGuy

Remember I said he stopped texting me? Well I think I figured something out. Or maybe I’m just crazy and I over think. Well, that could be argued, but come on. You will think the same…

I talked to LSUMarine about my parents being from Ohio and how everyone always has some sort of connection to Ohio. He mentioned that one of his friends was from Cincinasty. Of course I just laughed and didn’t think anything of it. Then LSUMarine tells me he is going to be in the field all week, which again, okay, I know how that goes. Which by the way, I thought of GymGuy again because he used to run those tests! HE would be the one to simulate the bombs and things that happen in the field. I later on realized that RogueSunday is from Cincinnati. I got this text from RogueSunday later that night…

Now…. I am wondering if all three of these men know each other. If so, are they laughing at me behind their back? LSUMarine approached me on match.com and sent me an email. RogueSunday viewed my profile before I winked at him. GymGuy thinks I’m crazy since I practically swooned over him. Am I becoming one of those girls that dates everyone in the fraternity and they all know who I am? Oh no!

Serendipitous Love

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6 Months Later…

Hi! I am sorry I have neglected to post anything for 5 months! I was getting tired of blogging about my dating life and actually I started dating iMusician! You probably could tell that is where this was going based on my last posts. Let me give you a short update…

I dated iMusician for 3 months, but decided he was not the one for me. We got extremely close and it was nice to know that I could open up to someone again. If anything at all, this is what his and my relationship did for me. We took a trip to West Virginia together (crazy right? And it was like a month into our relationship!) and we actually met 2 other young couples that were escaping the crowds ofĀ President Obama’s Inauguration like we were. I will probably talk more about my time with iMusician as things progress so you’ll have to wait for the juicy details.

Interestingly enough, one of the couples we met in West VA broke up shortly thereafter, but iMusician and IĀ still stayed friends with both of them individually. Once iMusician and I parted ways, I started hanging out with the male in that relationship. Just as friends of course. And I made that clear to him. I was a mess when I called it off with iMusician. I had all these thoughts of going back to school to get my PhD or moving somewhere totally different, or just making a big change in my life. I just felt I was trying to fill a void and I realized in the end I was just trying to get out of a relationship that I didn’t want to be in. It was a big step to call it off with him. We are actually still friends.

So needless to say, I was all kinds of a mess with trying to decide my step in life. ArmyCop knew this and was very respectful that I just broke up with our ‘friend.’ We still chat every once in a while through text and have gone out before to a Nationals game and a couple of happy hours.

I am writing again for the main reason to say that I just re-joined Match. Despite the fact that I went around telling EVERYONE that I will NEVER do it again because it’s too stressful and not worth it! Well, alas, here I go again. Get ready for more stories on my quest to find love. I do want to reiterate that I do want to find love. So desperately bad. My family and friends tell me that’s my problem. I’m looking too hard!

Wish me luck! Again!

Serendipitous Love

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He Deserves An Explanation


He sent me a Facebook messageĀ this pastĀ Friday that I briefly read, but closed because I was with iMusician. I didn’t know if I was expecting any more communication with him, but I do know it wasn’t fair of me to stop responding to him completely after some of the things we shared together.

Hey Serendipitous Love.Ā  I won’t contact you again after this…I guess I’m just kind of curious (if you’re willing to say)…what happened?Ā  I thought things were going pretty well, and then you suddenly just stopped responding.Ā  I hope I didn’t do something to upset you.Ā  I’m actually really curious if me bringing up that Lumineer’sĀ song sent the completely wrong signal… I realized after I mentioned that, that the words to that song, and the implication of me saying I would sing it to you, would probably make me seem like a stage 5 clinger.Ā  I actually hadn’t even paid attention to the words until I went back to listen to the song again later…ugh hah…woops.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you, even if just to say it wasn’t working out.Ā  If not, best of luck…It was really nice meeting you and spending some time together!


I decided I would write him back today. He deserves some sort of explanation. I know I was always dying to know what happened with my other suitors.

Hi AboutTime,

I know it wasn’t fair for me to just stop responding. I should have said something earlier but I really didn’t know what to say. I am very sorry to keep you wondering, but truthfully I have better connected with someone else and I’m liking where it’s going so far.

I really enjoyed my time with you and you really are a great guy. I actually loved that you said you were going to sing that song to me. It was sweet. I did not think you were a clinger at all!! There will be a girl for you that will swoon over that kind of stuff. I mean come on, I gave you a song I liked and you had it ready for me like a half hour later. Loved that. While I am the type to swoon over stuff like that, things between you and me in general didn’t seem right. I guess I can’t explain it.

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for giving me the chance to explain and being understanding. I really am a nice person and don’t want to hurt anyone. I appreciate you reaching out and best of luck to you.

Serendipitous Love

Serendipitous Love

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What Was I Thinking??


He texted meĀ Monday night out of the blue. I told him Merry Christmas on the day and he didn’t respond. Now I heard from him again. All I could think was, this could be bad news. Don’t do it.

I was with iMusician on MondayĀ so of course I just toldĀ MarineGator I didn’t want to hang out. I thought that would be it, butĀ then I got a text yesterday asking what I was doing in the evening. We ended up deciding to watch a movie and ‘snuggle’ that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about what this would do to iMusician if he found out. But I thought to myself…

I think I need this. It will let me know if I really do have stronger feelings for iMusician if for some reason I feel guilty or know that I want to leave or not see MarineGator anymore.

So I went to his place. We watched the movie and to be incredibly blunt… we hooked up. The thing I remember most was his comment on how I was more into it this time since last time I was hesitant and kind of just gave in. Yes I was more into it this time but only on a physical level. I realized that is all it was for him too.

How did I become someone’s booty call? The one to satisfy an animal need? I don’t even think he wanted me to stay the night. I did, but we didn’t even touch each other the entire night. I think he’s an ass. He could say the same for me I guess since I’m not exactly the warmest person to him. We don’t have much conversation. I don’t know if thatĀ is because he doesn’t have much of a personality or if it’s just because we are both infatuated with each other. I mean he does look exactly Bradley Cooper. And he’s strong. And knows how to please a woman.

This morning I told iMusician that I fell asleep after the gym last night. I feel terrible. What’s happening?

Serendipitous Love

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It’s About Time


I’d like to introduce to another potential suitor. Interesting on how I was on a dry spell from dating people online and the next 3 in a row are online. Well except for SalesMan.

Back in September a guy and I winked at each other but nothing really came of it. He emailed me a couple of weeks later in October.

October 5th

Hey there! So, I believe you and I winked at each other a while back…sorry it’s taken me so long to send an email. Work got pretty busy, so I kind of stepped away from the dating scene momentarily.

Anyway, you really sound like you know what you are looking for, which I like. The fact that it sounds like you’re really close to your family is definitely a plus as well. I go home to PA to see my parents/family/dogs usually once a month. I was about to ask you what part of Texas you are from, and then I glanced at your username…guess that answers that…haha! Do you think you would want to move back there some day, or are you enjoying Fairfax/NoVA?

Also…I’ll totally play you a song on my guitar! Do you play any instruments? It’s nice to see that you enjoy all types of music…including what would be played at the Kennedy Center. I’ve wanted to see the National Symphony Orchestra play since I moved down here, and for some reason it hasn’t happened yet. Wanna go sometime?

Hope to hear from you!


I just never responded. I don’t really remember why. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling it at the time or maybe I was dating someone else. Ha. Could be entirely possible!

Then I updated my profile to include a date idea only a about a week ago. I said we should go ice skating and have hot chocolate at the stand next to the rink. Then out of no where this guy made a comment on the date idea. Was not expecting it at all.

December 17th

I think your ice skating idea sounds awesome…Lets do it. I even have my own skates :). By the way, you make a pretty cute reindeer. Hope you had a great Monday (if there is such a thing…)

Okay, so it’s about time to respond to him right? I mean it’s been 3 months right? So I did!


I know you’ve emailed me before and we’ve seen each other on here multiple times. I’m sorry I never responded before but I guess in this situation persistence has paid off! Haha. I say that in a joking way because seriously why haven’t I given this a chance with you after all this time! Haha. So…

My name isĀ Serendipitous LoveĀ (old fashioned yes but it’s a hand me down name so I like it!) I have had an okay Monday! A little rainy but I can’t complain! Hope you had a great Monday as well!

šŸ™‚ Hope to hear back!


Haha, no worries…glad you responded! I had a pretty decent Monday as well. It was a pretty boring day at work, though I did have a pretty bangin’ Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate… šŸ™‚

So, how long have you been living in the area? I don’t know a whole lot about where you live, other than there’s a pretty cool wildlife refuge, which I frequent a couple of times a month to take wildlife photos. I definitely like that you enjoy the outdoors…and country music. Do you ever go hiking around here?

My name is AboutTime, by the way.


I fell asleep before I got your last email. I had an exhausting weekend. I went to NYC with a friend to visit one of our sorority sisters that just moved there and oh was it an adventure! Haha. I didn’t get much sleep over the weekend so work was tough yesterday!

Mmm, the Starbucks sounds really yumm! I have a brother that lives in DC and he suggested him and I go ice skating at the Sculpture Garden with some friends and I thought, that’d be a really cute date idea! Haha. After reading through your profile again I realized you played hockey and even mentioned liking to ice skate. I’m terrible! But I love it, haha.

I lived in Fairfax for 5 years, moved to FL for 2 years and now I’m back. Ha. It works since I work at Mason I guess. So you like to take photos? I’d like to see some sometime! I do like the outdoors but I have honestly not been hiking around here. I’ve had the opportunity a couple of times to go with some friends but I wasn’t able to go. I pretty much do a lot of running and gym time as my activities. I have never been skiing! I’m a southern girl so have not really seen much snow besides what comes here on occasion. Ha. One of my sisters lives in Salt Lake City so I plan on visiting her in February to fumble around on the slopes.

Hope you have a great day!


Skating is definitely a ton of fun…a cute date idea for sure :). I wish I still played hockey…I gave it up for the most part in high school. I’ll still play the occasional pickup game on the ponds back home (if they’re frozen). I’d like to join a league at some point again, but it’s really expensive šŸ˜¦

So, I guess you’re pretty familiar with the whole NoVA area, living here for the time that you have? I’ve been here since August 2009. My office is like five minutes from my apartment, which is awesome. I love not having to deal with the horrible traffic around here (despite loving to just drive). Aside from running and the gym, what are some other things that you’ve found around here that you enjoy doing?

As far as the photography…I kind of picked it up as a hobby about 2 years ago, and I’ve been loving it. Here’s some of the better wildlife shots I’ve taken. There’s some more non-wildlife shots on my main page on Flickr.

That’s awesome that you’re going out to Salt Lake City…I’d love to ski out there. I pretty much love all things winter. And…were you not around here when the Snowpocalypse hit in 2010??


No I was not here for snowpocalypse! I was actually in FL at the time doing my masters. People around here keep talking about that! Haha. I’m actually glad I missed it.

I was on a kickball team in the Waka league for one season which was fun but it was hard to get to DC every Thursday for our fun! Haha. Did I mention my brother lives in DC? I go to brunch with him a lot on Sundays (yay for bottomless mimosas!) and sometimes I’ll hang around DC by myself just to explore. I may have lived in NoVa for a while but I was in Fairfax for the first 6 years and didn’t go to DC much. Now I’m trying to see everything I missed! I feel like I took it for granted before I moved back here.

Hope you had a great day!


Ah, lame…the snowpocalypse was GREAT. SO MUCH SNOW!! hahah. Florida, I guess, would be the exact opposite of that though… nice and warm, I’m sure.

I know a number of people who have done the kickball or dodgeball leagues. It sounds like fun, but I’m kind of the same way about going to DC…I don’t really want to do it unless I have a really good reason to.

…and, I did have a pretty great day. Me and a co-worker are having a cube decorating war. So tonight, me and another friend pretty much ended that competition by wrapping his entire desk area in Justin Bieber xmas wrapping paper. I can’t wait for the reaction tomorrow. Hopefully you had an awesome day as well!

We should figure out some time to go skating :). Out of curiosity, do you use gChat at all? It’s a bit easier than going back and forth on here. If so, my username is justĀ *** at gmail.com (match will remove @ symbols, I think). Also, my number is ***-***-****.

So another number from another potential suitor. Ugh I don’t know! I hope I do get to go ice skating with him sometime though! Oh and another thing. He is 2 years younger than me. You know how I am with the younger ones. We shall see!!

Serendipitous Love

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Too Forward


So I went out with SalesMan last night! It was really fun and I’m going to try to go to the Holiday party with him on Sunday depending on what time I get back from New York. It was my first time dating an African man (he is from Ghana, so cool!) and someone with a British accent! Two firsts! haha. He was extremely complimentary and seemed very forward. I’m quite sure how I liked that.

We talked about my truck and I even got so bold as the night went on since we were drinking and taking shots and playing pool as to ask him if he truthfully thought I got a good deal on my car. He said he tried everything he could to get me what I wanted. He tried explaining the way commission works and he only gets commission off what the dealer profits from the car. He said he got $200 of me so the dealer didn’t profit that much meaning, he thinks I got a great deal. He said he could tell I was smart and had my research and knows I had my masters degree and was a pretty lady. He said

If I didn’t think you got a good deal I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you again! You wouldn’t have wanted to talk to me if you thought I was taking advantage of you!

I just laughed and said that’s right!

He ended up picking me up and taking me homeĀ so he walked me to my door. I said he needed to go since I had to wake up early to get to my bus for New York, but he pulled the whole, I need to go to the bathroom, bit. Like I haven’t heard that one before. At this point we had already been kissing since the bar and we had been drinking. I drank a lot. I’m not used to taking shots and drinking liquor as I am pretty much a beer girl. He tried to take me into my room and he was being pretty touchy feely and I insisted he leave. It was all playful and good fun, but I just wasn’t really into it.

I do think he is fun but definitely not long-term. I’ll have to update you on him if I go to the holiday party on Sunday evening!

Serendipitous Love

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iDon’t know


So I’d like to introduce you to another online suitor. I’m going to call him iMusician because that totally fits him. He plays the guitar, is a marine (his job is to play in the band for the Marines), and he refurbishes anything with the ‘i’ attached to it. iMac, iPhone, iDesktop, etc. I think you get the point. Haha. Something else that intrigued me was he is really into Crossfit. I’ve been interested more and more in guys that are really into working out.

We have sent some emails to each other and they have been one after the other so it got to a point where we are texting now. Here are the emails.

December 12


How long have ya lived in va? What brought you from fl to va? I’m Florida also šŸ˜‰

I didn’t write him back until December 14th though. I was debating I think on going forward with anyone anymore on this site.

December 14th at 5pmĀ – My response


My name isĀ Serendipitous LoveĀ (old fashioned yes, but it’s hand me down so I like it!). I have lived in Virginia for technically about 7 years. I’m originally from Houston but I did my undergrad at Mason and moved to Florida for my Masters. I like it here so I moved back to get a job at my alma mater. Nothing can compare to those two years I spent at one of the best college sports schools in the country though! Yay Tim Tebow šŸ˜‰

I really like that you have an artsy side to you. Not just the music, but the photography too! I have to say I don’t know anything about photography, but I used to sing in the choir all through high school and 2 years in college. This does not mean I am a good singer so don’t ask me to sing, ha, but I can read music and can pick out when someone or thing is off key. Haha. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar!

How long have you been in the area? Do you like it so far?

Have a great evening,

Serendipitous Love


Hey there.Ā Serendipitous LoveĀ is a nice name now šŸ˜‰

I see u live in ***. I lived there for a year and just moved in Aug lol

I’ve been here (va and dc) for about 2 years now and it’s starting to grow on
me. I got stationed here from Hawaii so it’s a big change lol. How was your move
fromĀ FL to here?

Ru a fb junkie like me lol?


Hi Name?

Where’d you move to? Hawaii is very different from here! Are you enjoying the cold weather? Ha. I honestly do not like cold at all! Southern girl through and through!

I do use Facebook, but that takes the fun of us getting to know each other like normal people and not making judgments based off our Facebooks. Don’t you think? šŸ˜‰ Mine’s boring anyways with quotes from different country songs I relate to and pictures of me doing races and my new car. Ha. If it’s a deal breaker I’ll send it to you but I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. I want you to tell me about yourself and not have me say, oh yea I already saw that on your Facebook.

I don’t know what do you think? I would like to get know you better so why don’t you start out by telling me what made you want to go into the military after doing music? Seems like a big change! Very respectable.

-Serendipitous Love


U crack me up šŸ˜‰ sorry my name is iMusician. I suck at this. Not so much talking just my iPhone app makes it hard to write but this seems a little funner than Facebook stalking off the bat. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the cold. I’m a true Florida boy too. šŸ™‚

I joined the marines back in 2004 after playing guitar growing up. I come from a musical background. Piano at 5, guitar and drums at 13. So when I heard the military had bands I looked into it and the first 6 years in I performed pretty much all over the us and pacific. While performing I got heavy into audio engineering and photography. And low and behold there was a opening for a audio engineer for a premier dc marine band and I beat out around 20 others for the spot and been in dc since march 2011.

Since getting here I’ve gotten more and more into photography though? Scenic, landscape, and a few models and such. I love it. Ok ur turn hmmm what all does ur job entail and how did u get there? šŸ˜‰

I have to say I don’t like how he keeps using ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’ and ‘u’ instead of you. Haha, oh the little things.

Hi iMusician. I like that. Okay so that was a cute email. See that wasn’t so hard? Haha. I actually saw the Marine band play once over the summer on the Capitol steps. I think it was the Marine band? Haha. I too am writing from my iPhone but I don’t think it’s using the app. Sometimes it switches me over to the iPhone version.

I moved here from Texas after I graduated high school with my family because of my dad’s job. He had already been living here for a year so we were able to get in-sate tuition if I moved with the rest of the family. Let me tell you how mad and upset with my parents I was since I didn’t get to go to UT or A&M! So I started getting involved on campus at Mason and joined the choir. I met a girl there and she told me to rush her sorority so I did. Then I started working on campus and ended up loving my time there! That’s when I knew I wanted to always help students make their institution their home so I moved to FL to get my M.Ed. in Student Personnel in Higher Education. I’ve worked in admissions, orientation, development, student activities with the student government and now academic advising! I love helping students daily! My profession is always changing and can always move around from office to office or college to college and still retain similar skills. My real interest lies in student leadership development.

Okay now I’ve talked your ear off about my job! Sorry but you asked for it šŸ˜‰

I like to watching movies too. I’m excited for the Les Mis and The Hobbit! What are your favorite movies?


Sounds like quite a journey to get here lol. Oh don’t get me on movies lol I’m a insane movie buff šŸ˜‰ not so much into the hobbit movie but would enjoy it cause of the video filming and audio engineering that went into it.

Les mis I can’t wait for and I’ve never seen any of the shows or older movies. Don’t laugh but I loved rock of ages lol I love love scary movies šŸ˜‰ hmm I once owned about 1000 DVDs then blu ray hit the shelf lol. U seen the new trailers for next summer movies?

SoĀ *** ? Live with roomies or alone? And whyĀ there?


I live with a roommate. I don’t see her often because she is a nurse and works the night shift. As for why I’m here… Well that’s a long story. Maybe one we can have over drinks or something. My family moved back to Texas a few months after I moved to Florida so when I came back I moved to here. As you probably already know from living here it is much more affordable than closer to DC. I have a friend that works at Georgetown university and we were thinking of moving in together.

What about you? Roommates? Oh and my current roommate has a pit bull whom I love to death. Haha he thinks he’s a lap dog!


Haha nice. Mines a long story on where I’m living also. Better told over a drink also. šŸ˜‰ I love some tgi Fridays šŸ˜‰

Would texting be quicker at this point lol? If so ***-***-****

I used to have a 3 lb chihuahua also. My parents have him now.

So we’ve been texting ever since and I told him I am going to NY this weekend. We plan to see each other on Monday night!

Serendipitous Love

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